Havilah Justice: Violin/Vocals Trained Classically, Havilah started playing at the age of 6 and began her life on stage as first Violin in the family quartet. Havilah and younger sister Heather founded the Maidens band in 2003 and as Maidens II, performed over 60 gigs a year before making the switch to Celtic Fiddling with yet another younger sister Abigail. Known for their innovative style and fiery licks, Havilah and Abigail form the signature “Dueling Strings” of Maidens IV.  
Havilah's Facebook Page
Heather (Justice) Mantel: Bodhran/Lead Vocal/Keys/Drums Classically trained in Violin at a young age, Heather moved to the study of voice at age 15 under the vocal coaching of Kay Raplenovich. Having performed as a solo vocalist, choir director, vocal teacher, and composer, Heather combines her rich musical background to the thundering Celtic free-style music of Maidens IV. Putting her classical skills to the test, Heather mastered the Irish Bodhrán shortly after her switch to lead vocal and now sports a Celtic rhythm while singing with the best of them.  Heather's Facebook Page
Abigail Justice: Viola/Vocals/Djembe Abigail also began her classical training at an early age. After playing in the Mansfield Symphony Youth Orchestra for 2 years, Abigail joined her sisters in the switch to Celtic music forming Maidens III in 2005. At age 15, Abigail added vocal lessons to her profile, building a foundation for the Maidens much loved, four part sister harmony.  
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Tabitha (Justice) Rall: Guitars/Lead Vocals Tabitha comes to the band with Rock and Pop in her blood. As sister number four, Tabitha’s acoustically astounding talent and Jazzy style were directed to Celtic Rock Roots music from the get go. At age 14, Tabitha settled on guitar as the stringed instrument of choice and forms a second lead to Heather in Maidens IV’s innovative and original Celtic crossover pieces.   Tabitha's Facebook Page


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